Dramatic Writings


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The Fox Or The Grape? (Full Length, 90min, 4f)

Set in a 24 hour diner on the border of Bellevue and Avalon, PA, local citizens face themselves, each other, and the reality of life in the shadow of the dangerous pollution coming from Shenango Coke Works on Neville Island. Drawn from interviews with the Allengheny County community and based on real events, The Fox Or The Grape? is an ecological drama about home, family, and the choice to make life better. Produced at Carnegie Mellon University, directed by Eben Hoffer.





A Blue Brown Forest (Full length, 70 min, 2f, 3m or f)

An adult fairy tale about representation, family, and giraffe-trees. Workshop production on the Main Stage at Dixon Place.  Directed by Zoe Clayton.



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Tim Kaine Sits In Front Of A Mirror And Studies His Face (10 min, 1f, 1m)

Days before the 2017 presidential election, Tim Kaine learns that Hillary Clinton has contracted a potentially fatal pneumonia. Produced as a part of the Brick’s This is Not Normal Festival. Directed by Joel Kirk.









Home & Things (10 min, 4 m or f)

Two shopping carts outside of an unnamed department store fall in and out of love while a student and their parent deal with the stresses of buying furniture for the new school year. Produced in the Lounge Area at Dixon Place. Directed by Lillian Meredith.




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IT SHOULD BE LOUD (90 min, 8m, 5f)

A raucous party on a New York City rooftop goes awry when the patio doors become locked. Secrets are wielded, punch is spilled, general chaos ensues. Workshop production with the Flea Theatre’s Bats.  Directed by Benjamin Kamine.